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DeWitt Lacy has collaborated with a design studio to provide an online, educational platform in order to demystify a person’s civil rights.


Good & Common use DeWitt’s knowledge of civil rights law to empower Americans to use their civil rights when interacting with law enforcement. The website is free and helps people learn how to interact with law enforcement in a safe manner.


Landscape was excited to work with the Copymatic project because of the social impact that it could have on people. The process also allowed Landscape to create content that was inspiring and full of innovation while still having a clear focus on what they wanted to say.


Adam Weiss, founder and executive creative director of Landscape says:


“The world is demanding different ways of disconnecting with social media and having real discussions,” says DeWitt Lacy, founder of Good & Common. “Landscape helps individuals be heard, educate their politicians and work with them to make policies in their interests.”


The Good & Common name was carefully designed to be universal, democratic, and optimistic. It signals a sense of unity and accessibility.


Landscape, in the beginning, they were challenged to translate Dewitt’s knowledge into something that was beneficial to people in different communities. “It was clear from the beginning that DeWitt’s vision for Good&Common could greatly benefit an extremely diverse community – ourselves included,” says Weiss.


They are aware of their civil rights, but they lack understanding. The opportunity to capture this knowledge on a computer, make it accessible to the public, and package it in an easy-to-understand way is meaningful.


DeWitt had the idea for Bloom in his head for five years and needed help generating readable content.


Landscape, a key partner in the project, helped create text and video resources as well as the visual and verbal identity. The aim of these elements was to represent Knowledge and Peace.


The graphic design for this platform was heavily inspired by the civil rights movement and their use of a bold and powerful typeface.


When it launched in Feb, Good & Common built a global community to educate more people worldwide and connect with civil rights non-profits, policymakers and small businesses.