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Introducing R:Class

Explore Design Thinking, Human(ity)-Centred Design & Creative Leadership with leading thinkers and industry experts at Australia's forefront Creative Studio.

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Ben Rennie

CEO & Head of Design at Reny®

Glen Barry

Founder, Investor, Mentor & Executive Creative Director

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What sets R:masterclass apart

R:Class Master Features

Dive into comprehensive features designed for real-world impact. Our courses offer more than just tutorials—they immerse you in an educational journey that explores human-centred design deeply. Discover new perspectives, refine your skills, and elevate your craft to create meaningful experiences.


Unparalleled production quality

Purpose and Humanity!

Learn with R:Class by Reny Studio and re-imagine design thinking.

Learn with R:Class by Reny Studio and re-imagine design thinking.

Learn with R:Class by Reny Studio and re-imagine design thinking.

Learn with R:Class by Reny Studio and re-imagine design thinking.

Learn with R:Class by Reny Studio and re-imagine design thinking.

Reny® Studio + R:Class

Empowering Creative Leaders to Re-Design the Future.

In our digital world, where consumers face overwhelming decisions, leaders must understand that brand is one of their organisation’s most valuable assets. We take it a step further. For 15 years, we have been educating and consulting the world’s largest companies on What Design Can Do and the role creativity plays in shifting our future and our role as leaders. Become a change maker. Enroll in an R:Class.

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Check our frequently asked questions.

What actually is R: Class and why do I need it?

R: is an immersive masterclass hosted by Reny Studio, designed to delve deep into Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, this program offers hands-on experience, insider insights, and advanced skills crucial for aspiring designers and creative professionals.

Who teaches the courses at R:Class?

Our courses are taught by award-winning instructors, including Ben Rennie, CEO and Head of Design at Reny®, and Glen Barry, Founder, Investor, Mentor, and Executive Creative Director. These mentors bring years of experience from collaborations with top global companies. We are expanding our teachers and instructors and will have more joining the team in 2024.

What makes R different from other courses?

R: stands out with its focus on real-world applications and interactive learning. It’s not just about tutorials; it’s a transformative educational journey. Participants benefit from personalized feedback, live Q&A sessions, and a vibrant cohort community. You will learn aboutreal-worldd business examples from leaders who have worked with some of theworld’ss leading brands and companies.

How flexible is the learning experience at R?

You can access our virtual classroom from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, our courses cater to all levels. Plus, you get lifetime access to course materials, ensuring ongoing learning and development.

What can I expect after completing R?

Upon completion, you’ll have gained deep insights into the power of design to impact lives and shape the future. We aim to empower creative leaders who can reimagine solutions and drive positive change in their industries and communities. You will receive the R: Badge and a Certificate at the end.