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Having started in 2015 as an Instagram profile which documented notable examples of modernist, mid-century logos, LogoArchive expanded in 2020 with the launch of its international research programme. This growth included the release of the LogoDesign zine, which has been handed over to Ukrainian designers Victor Hupalo and Maryan Ivasyk for its latest issue.

Representing the first issue of a series of international-themed zines, LogoArchive Ukraine is a document and showcase of graphic design from the Eastern European country. Limited to 300 copies, it features text written in Ukrainian and English plus 31 logos designed between 1960 and 2000 to tell the history of Ukrainian trademark design.

LogoArchive Ukraine features logos from between 1960 and 2000
LogoArchive Ukraine is the first in a new series of international publications

The decision to spotlight Ukraine in this debut issue is, of course, a timely one. For over six months, the country has been bravely defying the Russian invasion, which is acknowledged in its pages. Richard Baird, the man behind LogoArchive, tells Creative Boom: “This has become more than just an account of logos, but a reminder of the importance of documenting and distributing a cultural identity and history when outsiders seek to diminish or subsume it.”

The format, as well as the contents, lends itself well to this message. Inspired by the political “pamphleteering” of the past, the setup is apparently light and well-suited to low-cost global distribution. More importantly, this will aid its distribution into Ukraine. “The intention is to also secure the zine’s presence in cultural institutions as part of the wider programme to solidify the Ukrainian identity through publishing,” adds Richard.

Even beyond its current status in the news, Richard adds that Ukraine has been experiencing a consolidation of its identity over the last ten years; this includes the decision of Ukrainian Vogue to move away from writing in Russian to Ukrainian. “Continuing in this spirit is LogoArchive Ukraine, which we hope will be the first of a series of international zines,” he reveals.

The lightweight zine format lends itself well to distribution, especially to Ukraine

Filled with contents specially chosen by Vitor and Maryan, LogoArchive Ukraine sees them select logos from their extensive research catalogue and commission an editorial piece on the history of Ukrainian logos. The pair also selected the materials and print finishes for the zine, which themselves contain special significance.

“They were keen to avoid flag waving and, instead, opted for a more nuanced series of short pages, creating a striped vertical design detail, hinting visually at the theme and interior,” Richard explains. “These pages have been printed with blue ink and are bound with white staples.”

LogoArchive Ukraine has been made possible with the kind donations of WithPrint and G.F Smith, who supplied the paper for the project. Thanks to their support, all money raised by the zine sales will go towards United 24, who are assisting with rebuilding infrastructure and humanitarian aid.

Money raised by the zine will go towards humanitarian aide

LogoArchive International 1: Ukraine is available to buy now by clicking here. And if you like what you see, you’ll be glad to hear that previously under-represented countries from the Middle East, East Asia and Eastern Europe will be spotlighted in future issues.

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