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RENY® Screening

we believe in fostering positive change and creating meaningful impact through our work. Our Client Screening Program serves as a vital tool to ensure that our collaborations align with our core values and commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices. By carefully evaluating each potential project and client organisation, we strive to build partnerships that contribute to a better world, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and purpose-driven design.

Positive Screening (PINK)

We aim to work on projects that:

  • Promote a healthy natural environment, such as clean energy and non-toxic goods
  • Reduce consumption of physical goods
  • Reduce waste
  • Raise awareness of important environmental, social, and ethical issues
  • Tackle injustice
  • Provide education
  • Encourage and support healthy lifestyles
  • Create and maintain a fair and well-functioning society

We also prioritize projects where the client organization:

  • Promotes fairness and equality in the workplace
  • Nurtures positive long-term relationships with our team, treats us as equal partners, and respects us as individuals and professionals
  • Pays all workers fairly
  • Has strong, well-documented social and environmental policies
  • It is a Certified B Corp, social enterprise, non-profit, or public organization.

Negative Screening (RED)

We will not undertake projects that directly promote any of the following:

  • Poor treatment of animal agriculture and animal products
  • Arms, ammunition, and conflict
  • Discrimination or extremism
  • Fossil fuels
  • Gambling
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Predatory financial services such as loan sharks
  • Tobacco
  • Unhealthy products aimed at children

We also avoid projects where the client organization:

  • Has staff who are abusive to our team or other suppliers
  • Has a proven record of lobbying against positive change
  • Has a proven record of environmental or human rights abuses

Ambiguity (YELLOW)

In practice, many projects do not fit neatly into a particular category due to real-life complexities. Projects may fall into a gray area, where they are neither strictly positive nor negative or may have a mix of both positive and negative features. Some projects may contain elements on our negative screening list but do not directly promote these aspects.

In cases of ambiguity, we encourage open discussions within the team to reach a collective decision.

We disclose our client splits each year in our business (annual impact) report and publicly on the independent Creative Climate Disclosure Reporting website.