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RENY Studio Support Hub

Welcome to the RENY®Studio support hub. We’re keen to hear about how we can continue elevating your project. If you’ve got any Updates, Changes, New Pages, Bugs, or any other small tasks that need our attention, please fill in the form below to create a ticket. Rest assured, we’re on it. You’ll hear back from us in less than 3 hours with a new timeline outlining when you can expect your requested changes to be actioned. Your success is our mission, and we’re committed to keeping your project on the front foot.

Supporting our key partners

Rapid Response Time

When you submit a ticket, you’re not sending it into the void; you’re connecting directly with a dedicated team invested in your project. Expect a response from us in less than 3 hours, complete with a comprehensive timeline for your requested changes.

Holistic Support

Whether it’s Updates, Changes, New Pages, or Bug Fixes, our support hub is equipped to handle a diverse range of requests. Guided by our human-centred and purpose-led ethos, we aim not just to fix issues but to enrich the entire user experience, thereby addressing underlying needs and adding value to your project.

Transparency and Communication

Open and clear communication is central to our support model. When you submit a request, you’ll be kept in the loop at every step of the process. You can expect timely updates, explanations, and an opportunity for feedback, ensuring that the work aligns closely with your objectives.