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Why We Established the Reny® Venture Lab

At Reny®, our mission has always been to push the boundaries of creativity, sustainability, and impact. As a certified B Corp and a leading creative agency, we’ve consistently strived to create brands, digital systems, and products that captivate, engage and drive meaningful change. Today, we are excited to announce the establishment of the Reny® Venture Lab, a testament to our commitment to innovation and a better future.

Venture Lab, we transform startups with support from brand strategy and development, design and creative direction, digital product development, UX, product design, market research and analysis, and sustainability consulting through equity-based partnerships. By leveraging our expertise, we help ambitious startups achieve their full potential.

Greenhouse Climate tech Hub Sydney

The Vision Behind Reny® Venture Lab

The Reny® Venture Lab is our startup hub dedicated to investing in startups and creating opportunities for creatives with big ideas. We aim to make an impact on the companies of tomorrow. This brand accelerator harnesses the power of narrative, design, and technology to transform ambitious visions into powerful brands and scalable ideas that positively shape our world. Our systemised approach to exploring the unknown is built on a collaborative engagement model.

Investing in Startups

We specialise in turning startups into industry leaders by closely collaborating with founders. Crafting their distinctive market presence is our area of expertise and our passion. We connect business objectives with customer needs, ensuring a coherent and impactful market strategy.

If you have a groundbreaking idea but are concerned about financial constraints, Reny® Venture Lab is designed for you. We assist startups in reducing costs by accepting equity and amplifying your startup’s voice while preserving its runway. Our empathetic focus on founders’ challenges helps turn these obstacles into pathways for success. No guesswork—just results.

Specialised Focus Areas

Lifestyle & Health Brands With over 30 years of advisory roles for lifestyle brands and senior management experience, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands. We want to share this knowledge with you, helping to shape and grow your brand in the lifestyle and health sectors.

Climate Tech CompaniesWe believe there are plenty of ideas, but only obstacles prevent them from being realised. As venture designers, we bring together multidisciplinary teams to define climate-focused solutions for impact startups. Our goal is to turn innovative ideas into actionable and impactful solutions.

Technology StartupsOur model is led by technology. We believe that brand and technology are inherently connected. With 15 years of experience in tech design and development, our dedicated operations team helps you scale and mature. We operate with no ego, ensuring only the best ideas go forward. No more experiments—just transformation through innovation and design.

Collaboration and Growth

The Reny® Venture Lab is more than just an innovation hub; it’s a space where bold ideas are nurtured, experimentation is encouraged, and the next generation of impactful products and services is developed. We provide a platform for partnerships with like-minded organisations, academic institutions, and industry experts to amplify our impact and create transformative solutions.

If you want Reny® Venture Lab to partner with you on your venture or chat about what we could do together, email Together, we can design a better future.

Our Journey to the Venture Lab & Why The World Needs it!

I founded Reny® in 2009 as a leap of faith into the unknown. We started as one of Australia’s first outsourced innovation consultancies, an alternative to McKinsey or Capgemini, with no customers or clear path to finding them. But somehow, we found our way a few months into our first year. We began working on some of Australia’s most significant design projects, such as transitioning Australia Post from analogue to digital and developing a pioneering intranet for one of the country’s largest banks. We even assisted organisations like 1% for the Planet in determining how to allocate their contributions wisely. Our journey has been filled with highs and lows, moments of doubt, and incredible realisations of “how did we get here?”

Over the years, my entrepreneurial spirit has taken us in all directions—some smart, some downright ridiculous. We’ve made some brave decisions and some outright dumb ones. Some of those ideas led to breakthroughs like the world’s most sustainable socks and designing eyewear from recycled DVDs and CDs, establishing our early commitment to circularity. We’ve developed sanitary pads from recycled materials for marginalised communities in India through our partnership with Flossim to design environments for the Australian Institute of Sport and the NSWIS to Snoeboards for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation.

This journey has been filled with ups, downs, and sideways jolts. There were times I went months without paying myself a wage. I remember the early days when I was rejected for a credit card because I was a new business owner, while my staff were getting home loans based on their employment with us. The world spins in funny circles.

As an innovation lab, we quickly discovered that innovation is often misunderstood. We learned that innovation takes shape in the most unlikely places, from the most unexpected people. We know all innovation starts with creativity—the foundation that breathes life into design. I’ve just written a book about this called “Inhabitus.”

From 2009 to 2015, almost all of our client-based innovation efforts led us to digital. The digital world was transitioning, and people often underestimated the power of digital—back then, it was seen as almost an afterthought. But we now know that digital is our storefront and lens to the world.

We built over 200 websites, apps, and digital products. Our business morphed as consistently as the world spun—from innovation to design. Why? Design is the heart of re-immigration to the future. The ability to solve complex problems remains at the core of everything we do. Without creativity and design, innovation is just a word.

During the significant shift from 2020-2022, known to most as COVID-19 (we prefer to call it “the Shift” because it feels more positive), we saw brands and companies getting creative in approaching change. By the end of this period, we had over a dozen offers from clients inviting us to be their equity partners. It was new to us and something we didn’t fully understand. But over time, we learned that using our 15 years of experience in innovation, design, and creativity to help startups scale fast made sense. We could build better and brighter businesses using our expertise in design to support startups in the early phase of their operations.

Becoming a B Corp in 2022 was a game-changer. We refined our approach and adopted the tagline “Don’t forget the Future.” This was for us, internally, rather than consumers or marketing, but for us to better understand our role in the design world. Human-centred design is essential, but it is also flawed. When we design just for humans, we need to remember how humans behave and the impact of their behaviour. “Don’t forget the Future” forces us to consider the broader implications of what we create and its effects on humanity.

We get approached by startups all the time. We felt it was time to reinvest back into the future we feel responsible for shaping. Design solves humanity’s biggest challenges—climate change, public health, technology, education, social isolation, and community building. That’s why we established the Reny Venture Lab: to play a role in reshaping the future.

The Reny Venture Lab is a place for collaboration and grounded thinking, leveraging our commitment to harnessing creative design and strategic thinking’s full potential. It’s a space where bold ideas can be nurtured, experimentation encouraged, and the next generation of impactful products and services developed. The Lab is our dedicated hub for exploring new frontiers and tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

The Venture Lab is designed to be a creative playground for our team of strategists, designers, and engineers. It’s a place where we can take risks, test new concepts, and push the limits of what’s possible. By fostering a culture of creativity, we aim to create breakthrough solutions that drive positive change for startups and the creative industries.

At Reny®, we are deeply committed to sustainability. The Reny Venture Lab will be a beacon of this commitment, focusing on projects aligning with our values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) addressing climate change and social inequality. Through the Venture Lab, we will develop initiatives that confront these issues head-on, ensuring our work contributes to a better, more sustainable world.

The best ideas emerge from diverse perspectives and collective intelligence. The Lab will serve as a platform for partnerships with like-minded organisations, academic institutions, and industry experts. We can amplify our impact by working together and creating genuinely transformative solutions. We also value the contribution of young talent, and the Venture Lab will provide a nurturing environment for emerging designers, strategists, and innovators to collaborate with experienced professionals.

Establishing the Reny Venture Lab marks a significant milestone in our journey. It’s a bold step towards a future where creativity and design drive sustainable impact. We are excited about the possibilities and look forward to sharing our progress and successes.