Australia's Marketing Agency

Wired Co

Working with WiredCo was a deep dive into human-centred design thinking.

Project Objective

In pursuing growth for WiredCo clients, we were tasked to help WiredCo move more digitally and humanly. Requiring a unique, digital environment for the super creative marketing agency. WiredCo is the antidote to an automated world of A.I, where imagination, emotion, and human interaction are losing meaning. The intersection of data, human behaviour and creativity.

What they care about is our people. Our focus was to create a digital environment focused on their digital and marketing skill set and commitment to mateships and partnerships.


First, we researched. We worked alongside WiredCo to understand the motivations and goals among the target users: brands working with WiredCo to grow their audience. Our research insights helped us develop the consistent design and messaging to create a new, cohesive experience. We successfully launched the WiredCo Website website across two countries. We’ve partnered with WiredCo to manage and improve the entire user experience through testing, iterative design, and ongoing content strategy and creation.

Platform & Solution

The future of Web Design is Webflow and as Webflow Experts, we put our user human-centred user experience strategy and design development at the centre of the solution, activating digital design in a modern way. This solution gave WiredCo a new home for innovation, creativity and growth.

“Working with a creative marketing agency actually gave us time to reflect on our own business, Wired are hands down, one of the most creative companies we have ever partner with.”

Austin ScmidtDigital Director, RENY