Human First, Athlete Second!


We proudly partnered with Sportsplayer Management, a company dedicated to putting "Human First" in the world of professional sports. Our collaboration focused on redesigning their digital landscape, encompassing their website, academy platform, and digital magazine. Rooted in human-centered design, we created intuitive interfaces for athletes and stakeholders, ensuring a seamless user experience. This transformation aligns with Sportsplayer Management's core values of honesty, integrity, and holistic athlete development, enriching their ability to serve both individuals and the sports community effectively.

Project Considerations


Sportsplayer Management sought a fresh brand identity, a modern and user-friendly website, and a digital magazine to share stories, insights, and industry trends with their clients and athletes. They needed a design partner that understood their unique approach and could translate it into compelling visuals and digital experiences.

Our Approach

RENY®Studio’s approach was rooted in understanding Sportsplayer Management’s core values and their vision for the future. We conducted in-depth interviews and workshops with their team to gain insights into their ethos and aspirations. This collaborative process allowed us to align our design strategy with their values.


  1. Branding: We designed a dynamic and versatile brand identity that symbolized the athlete’s journey from potential to excellence. The logo incorporated elements of sports equipment and movement to create a visual language that resonated with athletes and clients alike.
  2. Website: Our team developed a modern, responsive website that prioritized user experience. We crafted a clear navigation structure, integrated athlete profiles, and ensured the site was easily accessible on various devices.
  3. Digital Magazine: To facilitate knowledge sharing and engagement, we designed a digital magazine, seamlessly integrated into the website. This magazine featured interviews, articles, and insights from industry experts and athletes.


  • The new brand identity received positive feedback from clients and athletes, reflecting the values of honesty and integrity.
  • The website’s user-friendly design improved the overall online experience for visitors, resulting in increased engagement.
  • The digital magazine became a valuable resource for athletes and clients, fostering a sense of community and knowledge-sharing.

Why this partnership matters.

The collaboration between RENY®Studio and Sportsplayer Management is more than just a design project; it represents a significant shift in the world of athlete management and sports representation. At its core, this partnership matters because it embraces a profound shift from "athlete first" to "human first."

Traditionally, the sports industry has often emphasized athletes as commodities or assets, focusing primarily on their performance and marketability. However, Sportsplayer Management recognized that true success in sports goes beyond statistics and contracts. It's about nurturing individuals, addressing their holistic well-being, and empowering them to thrive not only as athletes but as humans.

By adopting a "human first" approach, this partnership breaks down the barriers that have long separated elite sport from the broader community. It recognizes that every athlete has a unique journey, filled with challenges, aspirations, and personal growth. It humanizes an industry that can sometimes seem distant and inaccessible to the wider public.

Through purposeful design and branding, RENY®Studio has helped Sportsplayer Management convey this message effectively. The new brand identity, user-friendly website, and digital magazine all reflect the core values of honesty and integrity that underpin Sportsplayer Management's commitment to putting humanity at the forefront.


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