Heart Foundation

Client: The Heart Foundation

Challenge: Streamlining 26 Websites into 3 Cohesive Solutions

At RENY®Studio, we are passionate about using Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Design Thinking to create impactful solutions. Our partnership with the Heart Foundation exemplifies this commitment as we embarked on a transformative journey to streamline their digital presence.

The Challenge

The Heart Foundation, a leading health charity in Australia, had an expansive yet fragmented online presence with 26 websites. This dispersed landscape posed several challenges:

1. User Experience (UX) Disparities: Users often encounter inconsistent UX across the websites, leading to confusion and frustration.

2. Operational Inefficiencies: Managing and updating numerous websites significantly burdened the Heart Foundation’s team.

3. Content Accessibility: Vital information was often scattered, making it challenging for users to find critical resources related to heart health.

4. Branding and Messaging: The diverse websites lacked a unified brand identity and messaging strategy.

Our Approach

We knew reimagining the Heart Foundation’s digital landscape required a holistic approach. Here’s how we tackled the challenge:

1. HCD and Design Thinking: We firmly believe in putting the end-users at the centre of our design process. Our team conducted extensive research, interviews, and workshops to understand the needs and pain points of the Heart Foundation’s stakeholders and their audiences.

2. Information Architecture: We crafted a comprehensive architecture that streamlined content and ensured logical user journeys. This formed the foundation of the new digital ecosystem.

3. UX Design: With a user-centric mindset, we created wireframes and prototypes for the three core websites, focusing on intuitive navigation, accessibility, and visual appeal.

4. Stakeholder Collaboration: We worked closely with Heart Foundation teams in Sydney and Melbourne, continually engaging in iterative feedback loops to refine our solutions.

The Solutions

Our journey culminated in the creation of three compelling digital solutions:

1. Main Website: We designed a flagship website serving the Heart Foundation’s primary digital hub. It offers a seamless user experience, centralizing vital resources and providing a consistent brand identity.

2. Fundraising Platform: A dedicated fundraising platform empowers supporters to fund heart health causes effortlessly. It integrates seamlessly with the main website for a unified experience.

3. Education Portal: We developed an education portal with a vast repository of heart health information, making it easily accessible to the public. This resource-rich platform encourages informed decisions about heart health.

The Impact

The transformation of the Heart Foundation’s digital footprint has yielded remarkable results:

– Enhanced User Experience: Users now enjoy a cohesive and intuitive digital journey, resulting in increased engagement and longer time spent on the websites.

– Operational Efficiency: The consolidation of websites simplified content management, allowing the Heart Foundation’s team to focus more on their mission.

– Improved Branding: The unified brand identity and messaging strategy have strengthened the Heart Foundation’s online presence and recognition.

– Increased Accessibility: Critical heart health information will be readily available, supporting the Foundation’s goal of better heart health for all Australians.

We are honoured to partner with the Heart Foundation on this transformative journey. This case study showcases our commitment to using Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking to create solutions that meet our clients’ needs and positively impact the communities they serve.