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Electric Eyewear

Electric Eyewear is a Southern California-based brand that specializes in high-quality sunglasses and snow goggles. Founded in 2000, the company has built a reputation for its bold designs, innovative technology, and commitment to sustainability. Electric Eyewear products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world, both online and through a network of retail partners.

How this project aligns with our Sustainability Development Goals.

Project Considerations


Despite its strong brand reputation and loyal customer base, Electric Eyewear faced a significant challenge with its e-commerce website. The existing site was outdated and difficult to navigate, with slow loading times and a confusing checkout process. This led to high bounce rates and low conversion rates, resulting in lost revenue and missed growth opportunities. Electric Eyewear knew it needed to modernize its website and provide a better user experience to remain competitive in the crowded eyewear market.

Our Approach

To address this challenge, we recommended a redesign of Electric Eyewear’s website on Shopify Plus, a leading e-commerce platform that offers a range of powerful tools and features. Our approach included the following steps:

  1. Discovery phase: We conducted a thorough analysis of Electric Eyewear’s existing website and identified areas for improvement. We also interviewed key stakeholders and gathered input from customers to inform the redesign process.
  2. Design phase: Using the insights from the discovery phase, we developed a new design for the website that was modern, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. We paid special attention to the mobile experience, ensuring that the site was fully responsive and optimized for all devices.
  3. Development phase: We built the new website on Shopify Plus, taking advantage of its advanced features and integrations. We customized the site to meet Electric Eyewear’s specific needs and requirements, including a seamless checkout process and easy integration with their existing back-end systems.
  4. Launch phase: We worked closely with Electric Eyewear to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the new website. This included testing and quality assurance, as well as training and support for Electric Eyewear’s internal teams.


To address Electric Eyewear’s e-commerce website challenges, we recommended a redesign on Shopify Plus. This leading e-commerce platform offers a range of powerful tools and features to create a modern, immersive, and user-centric website experience.

Our approach focused on leveraging Shopify Plus’ advanced features and integrations to create a seamless shopping experience with an immersive full-browser experience. We designed a visually stunning website that reflected Electric Eyewear’s brand identity and showcased its products through high-quality images and immersive storytelling. We applied a mobile-first approach to the mobile experience, ensuring the site was fully responsive and optimized for all devices.

To ensure easy navigation and a seamless checkout process, we created a simplified, intuitive user interface that streamlined the shopping journey. We integrated advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery and real-time inventory management to improve the customer experience and drive conversions.

Furthermore, we enhanced the website’s performance with faster loading times, providing a better user experience and reducing bounce rates. We also added an immersive full-browser experience, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the Electric Eyewear brand experience and get a better sense of its commitment to sustainability and innovation.


The redesigned website on Shopify Plus delivered significant results for Electric Eyewear. The site had a modern look and felt resonating with customers, leading to increased engagement and longer session durations. The new checkout process was simple and intuitive, resulting in a 223% increase in conversion rates. The site also had faster loading times, which improved the overall user experience and reduced bounce rates. Electric Eyewear was able to scale its business more effectively and efficiently, thanks to the advanced features and integrations of Shopify Plus. The site’s modern design and user experience helped Electric Eyewear stay competitive in the crowded eyewear market, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Why this partnership matters.

Our relationship with Electric Eyewear reflects our commitment to our B Corp SDG's on focused on eye health and sustainable circular production. By partnering with Electric Eyewear, we are supporting a brand that shares our values and commitment to sustainability and innovation. Electric Eyewear's focus on using recycled materials, reducing waste, and promoting environmental conservation aligns with our B Corp SDG's on health and sustainable circular production of eyewear. Redesigning Electric Eyewear's website on Shopify Plus with a modern, immersive, and user-centric e-commerce experience, we are helping to elevate the brand's online presence and drive growth. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to create positive social and environmental impact through sustainable business practices.

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