Chumpy's Boarding House

At RENY®Studio, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovative design solutions that prioritise user experience and embrace sustainability. With a portfolio deeply rooted in environmental and user-centric designs, the opportunity to collaborate on Chumpy’s Boarding House project was an exciting departure from our usual projects. This unique venture allowed us to showcase our adaptability and apply design thinking principles in a new context.

The initial challenge we faced was to create a concept for Chumpy’s Boarding House—a facility dedicated to providing a haven for marginalized communities seeking adventure and wellness. Working closely with Kelly Environmental Designs, we embarked on this creative journey, blending our design expertise with environmental considerations to craft an exceptional experience for future occupants.

To kickstart the project, we delved into design thinking, a human-centred approach emphasising empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing. By putting ourselves in the shoes of future residents, we gained a deep understanding of their needs, desires, and aspirations. This empathetic understanding became the driving force behind our concept sketch for Chumpy’s Boarding House.

Our vision took shape with thrilling features meticulously incorporated into the design. We envisioned a world-class climbing wall, providing an adrenaline-fueled experience while fostering physical and mental growth. A pump track for cyclists and skateboarders was added to promote outdoor activity and skill development, creating an exciting blend of adventure and community.

However, our design process didn’t stop there. We recognized the importance of holistic well-being and relaxation for the residents. In response, we integrated a theatre for cinematic escapes, a pool and ice bath for refreshing dips, a gym and sauna for physical rejuvenation, and a yoga studio with a breathing and meditation wall to promote inner peace and mindfulness.

Furthermore, we recognized the significance of creating a warm and inviting communal space. To achieve this, we incorporated a fire pit, encouraging residents to gather, share stories, and forge lasting connections. It became a place where the spirit of community and support thrived.

Chumpy’s Boarding House is a testament to our ability to adapt our design thinking methodology to new domains. By collaborating with Kelly Environmental Designs, we ensured that sustainability and environmental consciousness were ingrained in the concept from the outset. This collaboration exemplifies the synergy that can be achieved when different design disciplines come together for a shared vision.

As the Chumpy’s Boarding House project continues to evolve, we remain committed to refining and enhancing the design, ensuring that it fully embodies the spirit of adventure, well-being, and inclusivity. Through the fusion of design thinking and our passion for creating remarkable spaces, we are confident that Chumpy’s Boarding House will become an exceptional destination, providing a transformative experience for its future residents.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we bring Chumpy’s Boarding House to life! Stay tuned for updates and witness the power of design thinking in action.

Project: Chumpy’s Boarding House
Client: Chumpy Pullin Foundation Design Firm: RENY®Studio
Collaboration: Kelly Environmental Designs
Location: Jindabyne, NSW, Australia
Services: Concept Development, Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Sustainability Integration

Chumpy’s Boarding House