Chumpy Pullin Foundation

For Ellidy & Alex

Our partnership with the Chumpy Pullin Foundation was about youth development, mental health and creating opportunities for marginalised communities. We wanted to do one thing very well, amplifying the brand to create conversations for this new foundation to do as much good and impact as humanly possible.

How this project aligns with our Sustainability Development Goals.

Project Objective

In pursuing growth for the foundation, we needed to create an iconic brand that represented this famous Australian personally, honestly and professionally.  With the foundation’s goal to inspire and provide opportunity, we were tasked to create the brand, the digital footprint and the marketing assets to help drive awareness. Requires a unique, digital environment for the important foundation.


First, we researched. We worked alongside CPF to understand the motivations and goals among the target users: young Australians forging a path in lifestyle sports and the arts. Our research insights helped us develop the consistent design and messaging to create a new, cohesive brand and digital experience. We successfully launched the CPF Brand Website website within seven weeks of engagement. We’ve partnered with Chumpy on an ongoing basis since 2021 to manage and improve the entire user experience through testing, iterative design, and ongoing content strategy and creation.

Platform & Solution

We put human-centred user experience strategy and design development at the centre of the solution, activating digital design in a modern way, utilising WordPress, WooComemrce and Raisley for the digital platform. This solution gave CPF a new home for innovation, creativity and growth.

Why this partnership is important

Our partnership with the Chuimpy Pullin Foundation is so important to us. By working with the foundation, we can use our expertise in branding, website development, and social media strategy to help promote youth mental health and provide resources to marginalized communities in Mexico. Our partnership aligns with our B Corp SDG on promoting health and well-being, reducing inequality, and creating positive social change. We are proud to support the Chuimpy Pullin Foundation’s mission to break the cycle of poverty and empower children and families to build a brighter future. Our partnership is a testament to our commitment to using business as a force for good and positively impacting the world.

“This has been the most rewarding project I have worked on in the past ten years with RENY”

Jade RomanoUX

We set out to create a brand that was creative, youthful & fun that paid respect to Chumpy's history as a World Champion Snowboarder, Musician and partner.

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