Client: Fingerprint for Success / Marlee
Industry: Technology – People Analytics and Coaching Platform
Services Provided: Brand Research, Naming, Rebranding


Fingerprint for Success (F4S) had established itself as a pioneering platform in people analytics and coaching. However, the brand name and acronym (F4S) often led to confusion, with some mistaking the company for a cybersecurity firm. The challenge was to reimagine the brand identity to clarify its mission and expand its reach.


Invited by Investible, RENY®Studio embarked on a comprehensive Design Thinking journey to deeply understand the brand’s market position and the nuances of its existing name. Through meticulous research and strategic thinking, our team sought to align the brand’s identity more closely with its core offerings and future vision.


The result of our collaborative and iterative design process was the new brand name: Marlee. Inspired by the Elderberry tree, a symbol of transformation, and carrying Old English roots for global relatability and gender neutrality, Marlee represented a significant evolution from Fingerprint for Success. The new name avoids the previous confusions and aligns with the brand’s vision of transformation and personal growth.


The rebranding to Marlee has unified the product, company, and brand experience under a single, cohesive identity. The new name and logo, featuring warm, evolving colors that represent growth and the diverse journeys of individuals, emphasize the platform’s commitment to personal and collective advancement. This rebranding has positioned Marlee to more effectively reach and resonate with its global audience, supporting over 70,000 organizations in 190+ countries.


With the new identity, Marlee is set to introduce an enhanced product experience that promises to further revolutionize the way organizations foster human potential. RENY®Studio is proud to have played a pivotal role in redefining the brand and looks forward to seeing Marlee’s continued impact on the world.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Architecture
Art Direction