Herschel is a leading global lifestyle brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing backpacks, duffel bags, and accessories. Known for its high-quality products, iconic design, and commitment to sustainability, Herschel has built a strong reputation and loyal customer base. However, despite its success, Herschel was facing challenges in effectively showcasing its products and values online.

Project Outcome

Herschel’s online store was not effectively showcasing the brand’s products and values, leading to decreased sales and limited reach. The website was difficult to navigate, and customers had trouble finding the information and products they were looking for.

Solution: Our team worked closely with Herschel to understand its goals and vision for the brand. We conducted extensive research and analysis to identify growth opportunities and to develop a comprehensive strategy for the online store.

We then redesigned the Herschel website and online store using Shopify Plus to improve the user experience and better showcase the brand’s products and values. The redesign included a new product display system, improved navigation, and features like product reviews and a blog to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Results: The redesign of the Herschel online store on Shopify Plus has been a great success. The improved user experience has helped to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty, while the new product display system and additional features have made it easier for customers to find the information and products they need. The online store has seen an increase in sales, and Herschel has been able to effectively communicate its commitment to sustainability and product quality to a wider audience.

Conclusion: Our team was able to help Herschel improve its online presence and grow its sales through a comprehensive approach that included research, Shopify Plus redesign, and adding new features. The improved user experience and enhanced product display system have made it easier for customers to find the information and products they need. In contrast, the brand’s commitment to sustainability and product quality has been effectively communicated to a wider audience. The success of this project demonstrates the power of a comprehensive approach to online store development and the benefits of using Shopify Plus.