Heart Foundation.



Reny was engaged with the Heart Foundation Australia to a transform the organization’s digital ecosystem. The project aimed to review the existing tech stack, design and user experience and provide a series of recommendations and design solutions to the Heart Foundation to  help streamline its operations, improve the digital footprint and prepare it for the future.


The Design Thinking project began with a deep dive into the existing digital landscape, a stack of 26 websites, revealing bottlenecks and inefficiencies caused by siloed operations and outdated technology. Reny worked closely with the Heart Foundation management, operations and design teams to understand their needs and challenges, setting the stage for a comprehensive redesign.


The solution involved creating a new, user-centric digital platform that streamlined & consolidated 26 existing websites into a handful of cohesive and visually appealing platforms. With a budget of $400,000, the solutions need to be clear, fast, and beautiful and align the complete portfolio of technology into one digital tech stack to modernise operations and improve scalability.


The results were remarkable. Preparations for a digital platform were laid to help with user engagement and satisfaction and reduce go-to-market times for campaigns, making the Heart Foundation more agile and responsive. The enhanced scalability and flexibility of the new system positioned the Heart Foundation for future growth and innovation.


Reny’s strategic approach, innovative design thinking, and collaborative efforts laid the foundation for a transformed Heart Foundation’s digital presence. The project set the foundation for long-term success and showcased the impact of purpose-driven design in the nonprofit sector.


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