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Human(ity) Centred Design Foundations

Expand your journey with collaborative, impact design with our practical and interactive training, designed and facilitated by our our founder and CEO.

Start Date: 19th July 2024
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Design For Good: Human(ity) Centred Design Foundations

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Course details

What you can expect to learn from this course.

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What You Will Learn

Principles and Processes of Humanity-Centred Design
You’ll be introduced to the core principles of human-centred design and how it can be used to understand problems and design solutions that benefit both humans and the environment.

Value of Considering Ethical Implications
Learn about co-design in action, ethical practices, and how to apply these principles to your projects to ensure responsible and impactful design outcomes.

Applying Theory in a Rapid Design Challenge
Gain hands-on experience with a design challenge that moves through a ‘Double-Diamond’ design process, applying what you’ve learned in a practical, real-world context.

Transferring Skills to Your Next Project
By the end of the session, you’ll have a practical understanding of ethical human-centred design and how to apply these skills to future projects.

What You Can Expect

Introduction to Human-Centred Design
Build awareness about human-centred design and its applications in understanding problems and designing impactful solutions.

Ethical Practice and Co-Design
Understand the core principles and approaches to ethical design and learn about co-design in action.

Rapid Design Challenge
Participate in an experiential activity that guides you through the ‘Double-Diamond’ design process, providing hands-on experience in human-centred design.

Practical Application
Learn how to transfer these skills to your next project, ensuring you can practise ethical human-centred design effectively.

Creating Change Through Your Work
Discover how to solve complex problems by collaborating with the people who matter most and innovating through collaborative design processes.

Understanding Ethical Implications and Unconscious Bias
Develop an understanding of the ethical implications of unconscious bias and learn ways to identify assumptions before taking action.

Course Outline

Week 1

Introduction to Humanity-Centred Design

Explore the fundamental concepts of humanity-centred design and its importance in creating sustainable solutions.

Week 2

Principles and Processes of Human-Centred Design

Understand the core principles and step-by-step processes involved in human-centred design.

Week 3

Ethical Considerations in Design

Learn about the ethical implications of design decisions and how to integrate ethical practices into your projects.

Week 4

Applying Design Theory in Practice

Gain hands-on experience by applying design theory to real-world challenges through interactive activities.

Week 5

Advanced Co-Design and Collaborative Techniques

Discover advanced co-design and collaborative techniques to engage stakeholders and users effectively.

Week 6

Implementing Humanity-Centred Design in Real Projects

Learn how to implement humanity-centred design principles in real projects, ensuring impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Learn from experience

Your Mentor

Ben Rennie, CEO and Head of Design at Reny®, is a visionary leader and advocate for humanity-centred design. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Ben has guided some of the world’s largest brands through transformative design projects. His work spans various sectors, including digital systems, brand experience, and product design, focusing on sustainability and impactful change. As the founder of Reny® and a certified B Corp, Ben is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that balance human needs with the planet’s requirements. His passion for design thinking and ethical practices has made him a sought-after speaker, mentor, and instructor, inspiring the next generation of creative professionals to make a meaningful difference.

Some of the companies Ben has collaborated with

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