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RENY®is proud to announce the launch of the Dave Winner Foundation, an inspiring initiative dedicated to providing free CPR training to one million Australians. As the creative force behind the foundation’s brand, vision, and strategy, RENY®Studio has played a pivotal role in bringing this life-saving project to fruition.

The Dave Winner Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was born from a compelling story of survival and resilience. It embodies a mission to equip every Australian with essential CPR skills, aiming to reach an ambitious goal of training one million people by 2030. This initiative is a testament to the foundation’s namesake, Dave Winner, whose experience underscores the importance of widespread CPR knowledge.

At RENY®Studio, we have passionately worked to create a brand and identity that resonates with this mission. From conceptualizing the name to designing the website, our team has been instrumental in shaping the foundation’s public image and strategic direction. We also facilitated the setup of an advisory board and laid the groundwork for executing the ambitious training and tracking program.

Our involvement extends beyond branding; it’s about creating a movement. Through the Dave Winner Foundation, we aim to make CPR training accessible and affordable for all Australians, breaking down barriers related to financial constraints or background. By fostering strategic partnerships, facilitating comprehensive training programs, and raising public awareness, the foundation is poised to transform emergency response education nationwide.

The launch of the Dave Winner Foundation marks a significant step towards a safer, more resilient Australia. Every heartbeat saved through this program is a testament to the power of community, education, and proactive health initiatives.

Join us in supporting the Dave Winner Foundation as we work tirelessly to create a nation of lifesavers, one heartbeat at a time. Together, we can achieve a safer future for all Australians.