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Since the turn of the millennium, Dwell has become a bellwether of design and architecture with its authoritative voice and a healthy sprinkle of forward-thinking tech. While most magazines do their part in connecting with their readers and the community within their space, the American publication has taken this one step further, encouraging enthusiasts to share their own designs with other readers. Although designer and dilettante often occupy one another’s realms by nature, this was arguably the first time when both could come together on the same page with a shared passion.

It makes sense that now, Dwell has launched its own single-person ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in collaboration with Adobu, well-known purveyors of backyard homes. Each unit will be 540sq.ft (38ft x 14ft) and feature a bedroom, full bathroom, sizable kitchen, and 12-foot wide glass wall that can fold open entirely. Danish design house Norm has considered practicality when planning the Dwell House, which features a welcoming layout to go along with its weather-resistant cedar wood side walls and metal standing-seam roof.


Reconstructing your own home when you have more children or decide to take in other permanent residents can be expensive and tiresome to plan out. The Dwell House is designed to be an all-inclusive annex to your main abode so that you can expand hassle-free. It can also serve as a luxurious guest house, office, or home gym. The full-sized kitchen might even be bigger than the one in your main house, with generous countertop space and Bosch appliances. Likewise, the bathroom features wrap-around tile, a curbless shower, and a large countertop.

If you can fit one of these units into your backyard, you can purchase the Dwell House now for a fixed total price of $389,000, with extremely fair financing options available starting at $1,577 per month. It will be constructed off-site and then relocated to your home for you.